Friday, October 21, 2011

I admit to whining...

Those keeping up with all my current sagas may remember that I recently made a job change. It was a good thing other than it was a change. I've not been my useful cheerful self, instead, I have viewed my glass mostly empty and what was left over was the residual stuff that is commonly referred to as "pond scum". Yes, I know most people don't whine about better hours, more weekends and holidays off, but it's just so different.
I felt very much like this....lady bug.
So small and with so far to go. And I don't have the added advantage of taking flight. But good news, after working today I still had time to go outside and experiance the cool crisp air and enjoy the changing colors of fall. If nature can manage to change then I will have to suck it up and change as well. So for now, I will try to whine and lament less about my extremely good fortune. It's just really tough to get used to only working during the day.

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Georgia said...

Change is hard. I've never done it well or willingly.